Sunday, June 7, 2009

This is the waiting area of ITAMAE SUSHI,
This is a very trendy sushi restaurant Causeway Bay, we waited for 1 hour one night to eat, it was always full.Sushi was great and fresh there
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ISLAND VIEW day time

ISLAN VIEW night time, SYMPHONY OF LIGHTS, it starts at 8:00 pm every night. Lasts 15 minutesi don't expect a lot form the laser show. The buildings lightening itself is worth seeing ad it is romantic, go there with somebody you are in love!!
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Local FOOD MARKETS, interseting places to see
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These food look good and the smell is not very good, you can smell this in all Hong Kong, this is the only thing I did not like about Hong Kong.
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This is a temple in the BIG BUDHA region
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You need to go there and see the place.
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Cristal cabin view!
And finally we reached the BIG BUDHA, it is very big and the weather there was great and clean
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This is the Ngong Ping 360 Cable car.
we are in the cristal cabin going up and up, you need to try this.
It is scary and a great journey to the BIG BUDHA
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we ate ın BUBBA GUMP on the peak. Shrimps was great!
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I punched BRUCE LEE on the cheek!!!
I am lucky he was the dummy.
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we are on THE PEAK!!!
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view from THE PEAK,
I wish I was living in that house!!!
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This is the PEAK TRAM, it is so scary if you have high anxiety!
To go to THE PEAK you need to take metro to CENTRAL station and there you follow the exit to the peak tram.
Hong Kong metro (MTR) is very easy and convinient to use, you don't need taxis here.
Just buy an OCTOPUS card when you arrive. You pay 150 HKD and when you are leaving you can take your 50 HKD back it is the deposit.
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This is the SPORTS SHOES street where there are soo many sports shoes:))
It was very intersting to see bamboo used as dock for constructing buildings and they also cook bamboo and it is in many dishes.
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Fish and seafood was very delicious here.
You need to cook your own meal on the barbeque which is in the middle of the table.
And it is like having picnic.
We had calamari, octopus, mussles and fish.
You can also have beef, pork, chicken etc.
I also loved the vanilla icecream there, you have to to try!
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This is Mong Kok area, it is the main shopping district, it has 3 main streets.
On 1 street there is Ladies Market (Tung Choi Street) , you can find fake shoes and bags, Hong Kong T-shirts, key chains, oil paintings and soo many things.
You can buy your gifts to your friends and family from here.
You need to bargain though. prices are very good here.

Second street is Sai Yeung Choi Street, there are many electronic shops here.

Other one is called Sports Shoes Street (Fa Yeun Street), here there are soo many sports shoes shops. You can find most stylish, limited edition sports shoes here.
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This is the Chineese martial art, it is like dance and meditation together.
They wake up very early, like 6-7 am and do this exercise all together.
We watched it from our hotel window everymorning.
Infact we wanted to join and it was very early for us :)))
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Causeway Bay

This is the view from our room on the 9 th floor.
You can also see the sea from upper floors and 27 th floor has great view.
It is the biggest park of Hong Kong.
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